Full Name
Todd Taylor, JD
Job Title
Impact Counsel
Avisen Legal
Speaker Bio
Todd Taylor works with impact companies and the investors that fund them. Developers, technology companies, private equity, venture capital and infrastructure funds hire him to help with developing and financing sustainable and impact projects, including renewable and conventional energy projects, clean tech, agriculture tech and food tech companies and infrastructure projects. Todd gets hired because he gets results.

He also works with entrepreneurs and technology focused companies to start up, create their companies, hire employees, raise angel, venture, crowdfunding and other financing, grow their businesses, buy other companies and sell their business when the time is right.

As a co-founder of a boutique law firm, Todd works with passion and genuine interest in his clients.

Todd Taylor’s favorite book is Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. He was born in Canada and lived in Brussels, Belgium for four years, where he learned to like mayonnaise on French fries. Todd loves Chess (both the game and the musical). He believes expertise combined with passion is the best way to serve his clients.
Todd Taylor,  JD