Full Name
Brendan Jordan
Job Title
Vice President
Great Plains Institute
Speaker Bio
Brendan Jordan is the VP of Transportation and Fuels at the Great Plains Institute, and have been at GPI since 2004. He has sixteen years of experience leading initiatives to promote deployment of clean energy technology, working across subject areas, including bioenergy, electric vehicles, low-carbon fuels, transportation, carbon management, and energy infrastructure. I am a facilitator, energy researcher, policy analyst, project manager, communicator, and advocate. I work on expanding Low Carbon Fuel Standard policies at the state and national level, lead transportation electrification initiatives at the state and regional level in the Midwest and Gulf Coast regions, and promote biobased carbon removal initiatives. I am part of a team collaborating with Argonne National Laboratories on life cycle accounting methodology for biofuels, and support initiatives to commercialize lower carbon intensity advanced and conventional biofuels. I collaborate with the carbon management team at GPI and lead initiatives with the biofuels industry, agriculture, and the forest products industry to lower emissions through carbon capture, agricultural conservation practices, and forest products. Jordan has an M.S. in Science and Technology Policy from the University of Minnesota - Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs and a B.A. in Biology from Carleton College.
Brendan Jordan