Full Name
Steve Davies
Job Title
Steven C Davies LLC
Speaker Bio
Steve’s 30 years leadership experience in the materials industry spans chemicals, fibers, and plastics, most recently as VP of Performance Packaging for NatureWorks. In his 20 years at NatureWorks, his evolving leadership roles included marketing, and public affairs & communications, and were key in successfully introducing the first new-to-the-world biopolymer, moving NatureWorks from a scrappy, aspirational startup to a global leader in the biomaterials space.

Steve has regularly represented the broad bioplastics industry, providing a provocative perspective on functional materials innovation to audiences that span from manufacturers, to trade associations, consumer brands, and policy makers.

Steve’s consultancy, formed in 2024, combines his experience and network with his personal passion for the natural environment and the circular economy. He helps organizations evaluate and commercialize novel and advanced materials and solutions, providing business strategy development, strategic marketing, go-to-market, and product launch planning.
Steve Davies